Education is one of the most important keys to overcoming the cycle of poverty and laying a solid foundation for success in life. We have selected 32 children who come from extremely poor families and some are living with family or friends because they have been orphaned or abandoned. The children who have been chosen to  participate in our program have never had the opportunity to attend school due to their impoverished circumstances. This pilot program is located in Addis Ababa and is the prototype for the Children’s    Educational Projects we plan to implement in communities where we are working.

How It Works
Touching Africa Ministries will provide each child with a full public school scholarship which includes: school fees; school uniforms; shoes; medical care and school supplies. The children are expected to attend a Saturday morning program where they will be taught English, character development, Bible lessons, health and nutrition. The program will conclude with a nutritious meal.

Child Sponsorship
You can sponsor a child for only $25 per month or $300 per year.



We have divided the borders of Ethiopia into seven regions and our long-term goal is to put missionaries in each of these seven regions to win the people to Christ and plant churches. We currently have 53 missionaries and over 500 emerging leaders working along the border of South Sudan in Phase One of this project. We are told that there are approximately nine million people living along this border region who have never heard the story of Christianity. The people are pagans who worship nature; involved in witchcraft; or they are Muslim. Our missionaries are finding that these people are very open to Christianity.

How It Works
Touching Africa Ministries provides the following: monthly support and supervision; a bicycle for transportation; a ministry resource backpack; two annual training conferences; a study Bible in Amharic; Bibles and solar powered audio Bibles.

Results as of December, 2022
Our missionaries have built 130 churches and have established 2036 emerging churches (small home church groups of 25 to 150 new converts) who meet weekly for Bible study and prayer while they wait for the government to grant them the land on which to build their church. Our missionaries have reached 2,166 villages and communities with the gospel.

Missionary Sponsorship
ponsor a missionary for $100 a month or $1200 per year

Emerging Leader Sponsorship
ponsor an emerging leader for $20 a month or $240 per year



In August of 2017, we officially entered into a partnership with the Ethiopian Youth Missions Movement and enfolded them into the family of Touching Africa Ministries. The EYMM organization consists of over 400 university students representing 33 universities across Ethiopia. Twice a year these students come together to be trained for missions and campus evangelism by the leadership team of Touching Africa Ministries. If you would like additional information on how you can become a financial partner with this exciting ministry, please contact our office.


Touching Africa Ministries hosts four Schools of Ministry in four different communities across Tanzania. Participants come from Tanzania; as well as, from Uganda, D. R. Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya. The conference affords opportunities for participants to study God’s Word together, fellowship with their ministry peers, and to pray together for the work of ministry in East Africa. Pastor Heavenlight Morice Luoga, of Deeper Life Bible Church, facilitates the Schools of Ministry and assists Dr. Elliott in teaching on behalf of Touching Africa Ministries.


Touching Africa Ministries broadcasts two radio programs a week on radio station VYIZIGIRO World Outreach Initiatives in Bujumbura, Burundi. Bishop Felicien Ndayizey is our co-host and he interprets Dr. Elliott’s sermons into Kirundi. The program can be heard throughout the whole of Burundi and the western regions of D.R. Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

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