The Ministry Team is led by Dr. Michael and Ann Elliott. each year they work with pastors, church leaders, and local congregations to strengthen and encourage them in their personal lives and in their ministries. The team hosts community-wide ministry conferences; leadership training conferences; marriage and family seminars; and men’s and women’s programs. 

Our Medical Team is coordinated by Tabitha Wright. Working with local doctors, our medical team conducts free medical clinics;     provides assistance to local physicians; works with local hospitals; provides medical care to remote villages; and provides medical care to our missionaries, as well as, pastors and church leaders.

The Children & Youth Team is led by Aaron and Tiffany Lopez. The goal of this team is to teach valuable life lessons that will develop the character of the children. This team uses a variety of activities to reach out to the children and youth of the community. The team incorporates sports, games, illustrated teaching, music, clowns, and puppets in their ministry outreach.

The Construction Team is led by Jon Wright.  The construction team performs minor repairs for the local churches and hospital. Whether repairing the plumbing, addressing electrical problems,   painting rooms at the local hospital, or building chicken farms in the local community, this team is having a positive impact in the communities in which they are working.

The Shoe Project Team is led by Tiffany Lopez. The need for shoes, especially among the children in the villages, is staggering. Working with local church leaders, and leaders from the local government, the team distributes thousands of pairs of shoes each year to needy children in communities and villages.

The water filtration project is led by Randy Kunkel. Clean drinking water is greatly needed, especially in the villages. Water sources are not safe to drink and are often shared with livestock. As a result of not having access to clean water, there is a negative impact the health of the people. Our team sets up water filtration systems in schools, churches, and remote villages. Each filter, when properly cared for, will last approximately ten years and will produce over one million gallons of 99.9 % clean water. We can see the dramatic changes in the health of the people living in the region as a result of access to clean water.

The Elderly Care Team is led by Mamay Worku, the Founder and Director of BLR Ministry. The focus of BLR is to serve Ethiopia’s Homeless Elderly. The elderly care team reaches out to the elderly who are homeless, destitute, and without family to support them in the closing chapter of their lives. BLR provides a bed in a group home, three meals a day, clothing, medical care, and a dignified burial upon their passing. BLR is addressing a need in the elderly community as there are no government programs to assist this needy demographic of the Ethiopian society.